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Depending on your requirements, we are more than capable of converting your idea into a successful business through:

Offshore Development Center

Operate your business more efficiently with the dedicated offshore development team.

Web App Development

Operate your business more efficiently with the dedicated offshore development team.

Mobile App Development

Software On-Demand. Transfer your idea into reality with the remarkably web-based development.

Cloud services

Build and run the cloud in your business system that you can deploy significantly competitive benefits.

Testing Services

Leverage automation to weave testing into the delivery pipeline and accelerate your time to market

Offshore Software Development Center

What We Offer

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With a dedicated team of remarkably skilled and experienced individuals, we offer both on-site and ODC services with speedy and streamlined processes. Not only do we deliver much-needed solutions to our clients, but we also advise them on a variety of aspects, from communication to business processes and products.

TECHVIFY gathers a team of competent, professional personnel who can make quick adaptations to any changes, no matter how sudden. We have carried out projects (both large & small) with many global corporations who have always come back with positive feedback and high appreciation. Our working environment is a multicultural one with employees from various countries including Japan, India, and so on.

Service quality has always been our priority. We swiftly deal with any unexpected issues and problems that arise during working process . Agility is guaranteed at TECHVIFY as problem-solving never has to go through more than 3 levels.

TECHVIFY's competency has been recognized with an array of certificates, including ISO, AWS (proven cloud skills), AZURE, and ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board - software testing quality). We are committed to keeping even the smallest bit of our customer's data confidential.

We tailor-make IT solutions for customers at the most reasonable costs. Whether you're a big corporation or an aspiring startup, TECHVIFY can help you achieve your goal without hurting your cash flow.

Proud Projects That Speak!

Case Studies

We have a large collection of success stories with various projects around the globe, big or small.

We do not stop at bringing success to our clients but gaining customer satisfaction after each project.

My Motorbike Solution

Many motor shop owners want to increase sales but find it hard to track the performance of their staff. What's more, they struggle with communicating to their employees among different branches.

View Case Study

A hotel extranet system to meet both the hotel‘s basic management requirements and their customers'. The website acts as an intermediary to allow hotels to register information and allow guests to book rooms.​

The project is a module in the electronic office feature of Vietnam Electricity Corporation. This website allows users to digitalize the processes related to creating reports, creating questionnaires, collecting ideas, creating summary sheets, and making verification reports.


Trusted from Our Clients

Jack Jones
Melissa James
Mr Hai Le
Ashley Right
Mark Levine
Jack Jones
Manager at TechDream
Jack Jones

“Good support! ” We run training programs which helping people unleash their potential. We got to how about Techvify via Internet. They were professional and gave timely feedback.

Melissa James
Melissa James

“Very good performance!” I felt Techvify was very professional and understood the issues I needed resolving. They have up-to-date knowledge of the latest tech and ways of doing things.

Mr Hai Le
Manager at Technology Solution of CTEQ Software
Mr Hai Le

“Professionalism and Responsiveness” I’m highly satisfied with the team and the ultimate product. In my upcoming project, I’m going to work with Techvify Vietnam and recommendation for other firms.

Ashley Right
Digital Team at HSBC Russia
Ashley Right

"It’s a pleasure to be working with Techvify engineering team who has strong software development knowledge and experience in building solutions. Techvify team has been a great team player and always ready to take on new challenges in providing innovative solutions. "

Mark Levine
Mark Levine

“Great Solution Provider ” Techvify was referred to me by a trusted colleague who had recently used Techvify to develop and launch an App. Their solutions is so amazing!

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